Work at the Farm

Most restaurants are still closed or operating with reduced amount of staff. The commerce sector is currently in good shape and they have been using mostly their own staff. However, the pressure is increasing because of the coming summer holidays as overtime is increasing the holiday accumulation.

We, at Tulos, naturally monitor the situation carefully and we are ready to react when changes happen.

Agriculture is currently suffering from severe shortages of manpower. That is why we are asking you, as a member of Tulos, if you are interested in working on farms in various jobs around Finland. Now is the sowing time for the summer crops and there is plenty of work on farms.

We strive for everyone to have the opportunity to find the right job according to their abilities, taking into account if you have access to accommodation (relatives, friends, summer cottages, etc.) Of course the restrictions caused by the Covid-19 virus must be taken into consideration and the possibility to work from the province of Uusimaa is under investigation.

We are currently investigating practical matters in terms of e.g. traveling and accommodation. If you are interested in physical work on the farms during the spring and summer, We would ask you to send us an email telling us about your background as well as your possible experience with agricultural work. We also want to know if you have special skills such as driving a tractor (handling), your drivers license (B, C), your possible work-related permits (occupational safety card, etc.) and the area, where you would be willing to work.

We understand the situation can be challenging if for example your permanent jobs may be starting in June. Commitment is needed in some jobs for the whole summer, but the firm will of Tulos is to employ also for a shorter period of time and we are ready to be flexible if necessary.

You can e-mail us at and the subject line should be ”Work at the Farm”.

Or you can contact us by phone on 050 5477656.